Enter qualification contest

Please read the qualification rules before entering the contest. You can edit registration data at this link

The long contest will last from November 25, 2023, to January 15, 2024.

Problem statements

Problem statements may be updated, constraints in tasks may change, tests for tasks may be altered, the jury may add new tasks and rejudge previously submitted solutions. All questions regarding problems should be asked in the testing system.

In all olympiad tasks, you can read input data either from the standard input stream (keyboard) and output the result to the standard output stream (screen), or read input data from a file named input.txt and output the result to a file named output.txt.

Each task is evaluated at 100 points, but in some tasks, part of the points is awarded as a result of “offline checking,” meaning you will only learn about the test result after the end of the qualification stage of the olympiad. More detailed scoring rules are described in problem statements. The participant’s score for the task is considered the points earned by the last submitted solution to the task (including offline tests, only the last submitted solution will be checked on offline tests). Number of attempts do not affect the final scores. Please note that the source code of submitted solutions will not be available for download until the end of the qualification contest.

The jury calls on all participants to behave honestly! One participant should use no more than one login and submit only their solutions. It is forbidden to publish and discuss task solutions on the internet. After the tour ends, an anti plagiat check for copied solutions is conducted, and if similar solutions are found, the jury may disqualify all participants whose solutions resemble the solutions of other participants.